Sunday, October 28, 2007

You Tube

To view work by Maryclare Foa go to:
To view the Dog Betty movies by Birgitta Hosea, go to:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good bye Dog Betty sorry to see you go

How did the weeks go past so quickly - although I wasn't there for the second week and now have beens struck by some nasty stomach bug ( so am away again) --- this summer is flying by - rain shine- flood- chill - .... and now no Dog Betty ..... we will miss the balancing presence of Ms H and hope that we have another opportunity to work alongside her again...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bye bye from Dog Betty

After a final few days of videoing / performing as Dog Betty, my time in this residency is over now. Would like to say thanks to everyone for all your feedback and support. I have shot enough footage for three Dog Betty movies now, which I will start editing after I get back and intend to post on YouTube. Best of luck to the rest of you for the remainder of the residency and I hope some more of you will continue this blog.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dog Betty is making progress

Cut the Dog Betty model head into pieces and made patterns.

Tried on bits and pieces during the process. Have found that physically making this head has made me do a lot of thinking. Am about two days behind where I wanted to be. Finally finished the Dog Betty head today. It has changed quite a bit in the process. Perfectionism has been slowing me down, but I have just had to accept that she isn't exactly how I planned, but has evolved her own personality.

Feel like Saint Birgitta of Completion now that it is finally finished!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday and we are not at the Letherby--- and

I wonder what the work is doing while we are away……..

If my drawing installation has fallen / shifted been scrumpled by a passer-by - or from stress of its hanging or from the humidity or the very slight movement of the building itself…

Today I'm at home - doing paper work, errands, preparations etc- and for the next four days I wont be able to get into the gallery -

I shall be teaching and visiting my supervisor.. I am anticipating (hoping) that while I'm away my drawing / installation will be changing / interacting with the people and the space… so that when I return next Friday I will find that the work I left will have been changed, and I will have a different arrangement of materials with which to continue my interaction and dialogue.

The drawing began as part of a performance for a presentation to the

"Here Tomorrow" research group ( March 2007) - now I have replaced it- moved it into another space, and then when it has come unstuck and fallen from this second positioning, I have allowed its falling to direct my next replacing.. so that the space and the conditions of the place are influencing the drawings development.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Looking forward to Monday

Hello everybody,

looking forward to joining you on Monday! Thanks Birgitta or setting up the blog. For now I'm just testing...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It is so very echoey in the Letherby its echoey echoey

Day one two three and four ----

It is so very echoey ….in the Letherby its echoey echoey in the Letherby

I brought my Dulcimer- its sound box keeps the notes very clear… while our voices merge into each other, so that understanding anyone who is further away than 15 feet away .. is difficult - all sounds muffle and blur, scrumble and mush -

I have strung a drawing across the space and made for myself a sort of environment - a home - a canopy- a tent - a "my space in the place"… the drawing boundaries an area and Peter Bond added to the drawing- this is how I would like the drawing to continue - to be added to by passers by so that it become influenced by the Letherby gallery, influenced by passers-by - and gradually turns into something else…

I have been reading bits of Alfred Watkins ("The old straight track") a text by Stephen Daniels on Tate on line entitled "Lines of Sight" - a bit of Chatwin's "Song lines" -

And I am singing to the space-

Jane is making drawings walking round and round and up and down and along the wall - documenting her presence in the space- recording her vibrations - Birgitta is making a large mask/head to perform in - Danielle is experimenting with small pieces of clay .. and has an assistant.. today I worded with Steve we responded to a conversation I had recorded two days ago in which he told me about different groups of monkeys who lived on neighbouring islands, and who came to decisions and changes through a collective thought process….